Mx5 baterry problems after root

Hello guys. Please help me if you can.
I have a mx5 with flyme 5. It was working great, and i could easy go 2 days with the battery with regular use. My phone as 3 months. At the beggining of the week, i loged in with my flyme account for the first time, and i rooted. The phone rebooted and After that the battery can barely old for a day. I loged off from my meizu account, but stil the same.
Please help me, WHAT can i do? :(

@Millz make a factory reset and clean install with wipe data your phone. If you logged in at flyme the flyme services running all the time in the background. So install the firmware again without rooting this time and see if that solves the problem


@Lostre12 flyme services run all time! That’s just it. Makes no difference of he is logged in or not.

To explain myself:
I’m global beta tester and watched the behavior of the global firmware very closely.
Services that aren’t in use in the global firmware like: cloudsync, mzpay, lucky money, phone caller,gallery,…
Basically every single app talks to the Internet for no reason. That means battery drain by wakelocks + inet usage.

So that means: doesn’t matter if you are logged in or not, doesn’t matter if the phone is rooted or not, …
FlymeOS services always drain the battery in the background!

The guys assumption “battery drain after root” is wrong.

Yet I agree with you a factory reset or best: update + clear data will solve it. ( don’t restore apps and system settings from a backup!)

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@Ultrametric OK guys, thanks for the help. I will try to do that.

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