\[MOD\] Flyme 3.7.6A SmartBar patch

SmartBar patch for the Flyme 3.7.6A test firmware based on Android 4.4 KitKat. Please note that due to the large code differences in Android 4.4, there might be some issues with this patch and thus should be considered an experimental version. Also take in mind the extraction path of the SystemUI.apk has changed compared to Flyme 3.5.x!

1. Download and extract the archive to your device
2. Copy the file framework-res.apk to /system/framework
3. Copy the file SystemUI.apk to /system/priv-app
4. Remove the file SystemUI.odx in /system/priv-app
5. Make sure the permissions for both files are correct (rw–r--r–)
6. Reboot and enjoy



tried to do this on 3.7.3 but immediately after replaceing the framework-res.apk the phone reboots and is stuck in bootloop

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