How is a folder added to the white list of Cleaner

A question as the title says. The app Cleaner inside of the app Security is configured to run every week. Either manually or scheduled, the app Cleaner seems to delete a folder, which is probably not registered to the app Cleaner as a safe folder. I’ve seen the white list menu in the settings od the app Cleaner. But there is no button or so to add something to the list.
Is there any method to add a folder in the white list of the app Cleaner?

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@Koaunghi-Un Having same issue on my MX4. I have turned off cleaner and using another app to clean (ES File Explorer) until I can add files to whitelist. I’ve also contacted customer support. I’ll let you know if I find anything useful.

Many thanks to the reply.
Harassment blocking has also whitelist, whose items can be added from phone/SMS app AND manually.
I thought Cleaner’s manual addition is in an incomplete implementation and there could probably be an another possibility from e.g. app list or file manager. Current status of Cleaner seems to be bad.


@Koaunghi-Un the current status of FlymeOS is bad!

It’s not just the cleaner.

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