How to: upgrade to Android 6 Marshmallow(?)

Hey there. I found a link with a guide for upgrading Meizu M2 Note to Android 6 M. I don’t think if I should trust that or not, so I am asking if someone here tried it or just wanna ask someone to tell me it’s not working / I shouldn’t try to upgrade.
Thanks! Here’s the link: LINK REMOVED BY REY
Edit: it’s probably just some kind of bullshit and it won’t work (I mean apps gotta be optimized and stuff) so don’t get mad over my lack of experience and informations. Just want to know if it’s possible :)

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its only for root not the firmare

Meizu Pro 5

No official marshmallow yet, so it is easy to conclude this is only a fake / useless

Meizu MX4 Pro

this is the worst fake i’ve ever Seen :D !!!

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