Dual SIM phones and the EU

OK so stupid sounding question time. Just tried to sell my Meizu PRO5 at a pawn brokers’ but was told no because, and I quote “dual sim phones are not EU regulated and can catch fire…”

I’m not crazy, right? That is absolutely absurd. Right?


@ShadowOfDeth what the fuck did just read!?!?!?

I’ve had a original EU Nokia lumia 730 dual sim phone… And this original EU phone… guess you know where I want to go…

Did he sell other dual sim phones? Did you have a look?

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@Ultrametric No I didn’t bother. I couldn’t stop laughing in his stupid face. He was adamant that EU regulations somehow have dual SIM phones banned because they cause fires!

Honest to god, this happened to me.

O know it’s ridiculous and retarded but just incase I thought I’d ask…just to be sure.

Why would you even want to sell your PRO 5? :anguished:

@Asiier I like it and all but I just can’t deal with the lack of the mod community support. It’s a great phone but it’s being held back which I just can’t take.

You are right with the lack of mods, I came from an G2 which had an amazing amount of devs, I had Android Marshmallow even before Nexus devices.
I was hoping the same with the PRO 5, but I see it won’t be that case. Although I’m still hoping for more devs to come, since the device is “kite” new
Let’s hope things change since I’m pretty sure I’ll stick to my PRO 5


@Asiier you don’t seem to change phones often :)

I wish I could do that

@ShadowOfDeth I think the Pro5 was my first phone I used in the last few years that lacks support from the “community”. Honestly, I don’t mind that much, probably I’m getting older :). On the other hand, there are very few things I want to change on it. It’s fast, stable and has a great battery life and I think you’d be hard pressed to find something similar at the price of the Pro5.
The thing about the dual sim phones catching fire… I guess it’s a (bad) joke.
The question is, what phone do you want?

When I break it, I change it
And I usually break my phone every 1-2 year 😂
So yeah, it’s not that good hahaha


@albireox the mi5 just got released it should beat the pro 5 in all what you stated, but is just a 5.2 inch phone.


I will rephrase it: like if you buy a new phone right now, there are better and cheaper options than a pro 5.

But I don’t think any of em is worth the upgrade from a pro 5. As long you are happy with FlymeOS and the average camera of the pro 5.

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