Meizu MX5 Lock screen bug/glitch while playing music (FlyMe 5)

Hey, I have MX5 with the latest “stable” international version of FlyMe installed and I keep getting a weird glitch or bug with the lockscreen while playing music (I’m not sure if it’s only happening while playing music but it’s certainly most common)

The standard lockscreen with music playing on background looks like this:

And sometimes, when I pust the power button, or try to unlock/wake the screen or even without touching anything it “switches” to this weird lock screen, which is smaller, has different wallpaper, can be swiped to the right (and doesn’t even show the right song playing) and overall it’s just a ****up. Several tries to lock/unlock the phone get rid of it, but it appears again few minutes after.

This happens both with the stock music player and the Google music I tried afterwards. I also tried hard reset and it didn’t help either.

Any suggestions?![alt text](![image url](image url))

I figured out this bug may be caused by a magnet in my leather pouch. If the phone gets close to the magnet it opens the weird glitchy windowed lockscreen. I made a video about it:

Meizu Pro 6

@Jan-Zdeněk-Řehořovský just tried the magnet trick on my MX4 and same thing happens. I guess it is to support some flip covers.

@generationally Yeah but it’s not even properly functional and it pisses me off. On top of that I can’t find any settings where you could edit its functions or disable it. And since my leather pouch has the magnet, the phone is almost unusable when it’s near the pouch. I have to hold it in my second hand lol

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