Phone rings, screen does not turn on

Hello everybody,

I have been using Meizu MX4 for one year without problems until this week.

I had to go abroad and I noticed something wrong about my MX4.

When I receive a call, and hear my melody ringing, the screen does not turn on by itself and does not show me who is calling or show that phone icon to take or refuse the call.

If I turn the screen on by myself, it keeps ringing, but again nothing shows.

When the caller stops ringing my phone, then a missed call notification appears.

I searched about the problem and saw that some Nexus users experienced a similar problem, but there was no satisfactory result.

In order to solve this, I force stopped phone application and installed another dialer, but it didn’t work.

My Flyme OS is

I’ll be glad if you guys can help out.

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