Meizu M1 note - formware not found

Hi experts,
I have a Meizu M1 note device which was functioning quite well. But suddenly device was showing “fastboot mode” on left bottom of device and when I rebooted the device with volume down key, it is stuck at a screen which gives me 2 options - 1) systems upgrade (copy update.bin in root directory) 2) clear data (systems settings and app data will be cleared)

when I try first option, device throws a pop-up stating that “firware not found” and comes back to same screen
when I try second option, device reboots but again comes back to same screen.
So basically device is not able to come out of this screen…

pls help me out that how can i rectify this problem…

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@Pankaj-Bansal Volume UP + Power = Recovery

and read the f.a.q. That is all you need to know. Your problem is very simple to solve.

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@Ultrametric - thanks a lot for replying…
I tried Volume UP+power key and original screen goes away…Device is powered down but still device is not able to recover.
I went thru multiple FAQs but couldn’t find anything concrete to decide anything further…
It would be really very helpful of you if you could suggest what should I do next?
If you could share any commands related to recovery procedure to load firmware (placed in PC)?

Thanks in advance…


@Pankaj-Bansal If your Stock Recovery is gone. (Volume UP + Power)

You are pretty fucked.

Is your device unlocked? Did you unlock your device?

To be clearer, if you can’t see the following. (Click the Spoiler), you are fucked on a locked device.

Stock Recovery


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@Ultrametric - Yes, my device in unlocked and I was using it from past one year normally. I didn’t try anything with the device (like OS upgrade, rooting/unlocking the device).
I can see this screen but after that when I try all options of this screen, nothing yields good…
Device simply went to this mode… any other suggestions pls?



If you have a Stock Recovery, I will quote this from the f.a.q

You can also boot into the recovery first and then connect the phone to your PC.
Then a recovery partition will appear, where you can put the update file onto.


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@Ultrametric - In the web page shared by you, I see collapse option just below “Firmwares” but I cannot get anything out of it… I do see “Firmwares” option on right hand side on top of this web page from where I am able to download latest firmware for M1 note.
Pls suggest if I can use this file ( and flash the device with this?
If yes, I would really appreciate if you could share a procedure to update the device with “” file

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