Hello i have m2 note about 3 months and last month i have a problem with the call log and the contacts…when i open it, it takes about a minute to load…i clear the history but the same issue! I also have an error while i make a call that the phone doesn’t respond!
i have the latest stable “I” version (upgrade from “A” with the guide)
I already made one factory reset before a month and after a month the same problem!
Anyone knows a solution for that?!

@kosmas81 even I’ve been facing the same problem since 15-20 days & been frustrated
It’s like whenever I want to call somene urgently from the History, I cannot :-(
Somebody please help us

I think that i solved the problem…it must be the flyme and google sync…close all syncs from your accounts and from your contacts and make a restart…i will check it and the next days how will it go and i will reply…☺

Finaly i am at the start!😞I thought that i had solved the problem but…👎
Anyone who could help us please!

Hi guys. I have a Meizu m2 note with Flyme I have the same problem.

When I open the contacts via the “phone” icon, and press “search” for a contact, the app starts “thinking” for about 40 seconds and finally the contact I was looking for appears. Any idea about how to solve it??

Thank you in advance!!

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