problem in updating mx4pro pleaaaaaase help!

hello meizu fans… i am new in meizu devices.sory for the questions…i have a problem with my mx4pro. i can not run the latest update. I have 4.5.7A now. I tried to download it from my device and it didnt recognize the update file.there is an error such us there is not an update file(wrong!)(there is an in the downloads and unzip in the file of documents) …then i tried to download it from my pc,i tried with drag and drop method at my device’s storage but it was not possible too. there was an error “not enough free space in your device”. that is wrong. i have plenty of free space. Any ideas please? thank you a lot…

Download the Update to your PC or Laptop and name it to
Boot your Device into the Recovery (Power on + Volume Up).
Now you can connect your MX4 Pro to the Laptop via an USB Cable (You should see the Recovery Partition of your MX4 Pro).
Transfer the File to your MX4 Pro.
Select Update and Clear Data.

I hope this will work :)

@TheOnly hello thank you for reply.i did that and when.i was in recovery mode and click clear data and update there was an error like no firmware found…it is quite strange

Are you sure that you copied it to the Partition and named it right?
Did you use the the A Firmware?

@TheOnly it doesn t let me to copy to the.partition says that there is not space enough.and it is wrong i have nine gb available.yes i have an A version now

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