Flyme OS test firmware (m2)

Set up

  • Password Reset: document locking zone and application encryption unlock increase forgot password entry page.


  • New: floating plans to increase mute function on incoming call notification.
  • Fix: Even now stuck interface inoperable cases.

Power saving mode

  • New: Limit intelligent power-saving mode to adjust the screen brightness.

App Store

  • FIX: installation fails after the installation has been a problem in the display.

Landscaping theme

  • Optimization: Merge My subject / My font “Local” and “beta”.
  • Optimization: Local theme Photo preview to an infinite loop.
  • Optimization: adjust the settings and download manager position.
  • Fix: Open the flash back online wallpaper.


  • Fix: multi-directional imaging camera using square pattern cutting incorrect.


  • Optimization: Adjustment function call mass introduction page.
  • FIX: Modify call after call to enter the edit screen, click the Restore Defaults button, to restore the default action is not performed.

Power Wizard

  • FIX: Power Wizard abnormal status bar color issues.
  • Repair: Boot Wizard language selection interface, automatic brightness adjustment failure.



Could someone please try the following on this one? I am on 4.5.4, and don’t know yet if I should upgrade, but if someone 'd try this anyway, i’d appreciate if he/she would try these out for me.

  • Facebook app
    -Messenger app
    -Can third party lock screen like Echo Lockscreen override the factory one, or do I have to unlock two screens if I install a third party one?
    Thank You in advance.

could someone tell me how to root Flyme OS tnx…

Add a contact to blacklist doesnt work. When i get a call i see the number which is “blacklisted”. So this doesnt work. Echo lockscreen doesnt work. And if i get notification from facebook messenger and if i press on that notification nothings happen or messenger exits. Facebook app still force closing if i click on notification. If i start facebook app or facebook messenger it opens and works

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@mgeranimus thank You for checking them out! :+1:

Google Play is hard to install because at first it fails to install apps. there is one chinese app that is annoying on the flyme homescreen, which I cannot remove, the google two step authentication doesn’t work, snapchat doesn’t work, and notifications from snapchat whatsapp skype etc do not work if your phone is on standy… I tried enabling autolaunch and stuff on security app but still nothing… I went back to 4.5.4I, this beta felt more like an alpha to me, I’ll come back when there is an international version

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the UI is much more beautiful tho, settings are designed better, messages and calls app are also better, I don’t like the new camera app and I wish I could choose between the old recentapps menu and the new one that has previews… I personally like the old one from 4.5.4 better.

i ive flyme acount but i buy another meizu, its a meizu m2 mini used with flyme acount, my acount not entry, i delete acount for another usuary?

20% battery bug on this?


@ElladanMRK thats a device specific issue, not a firmware one.
@ruizinho only Meizu can unbind your current Flyme account from your device, if you have forgotten the password.

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thanks for help, i buy meizu used from a friend and he have forget password. the firmware dont work facebook or menseger or facebook lite, i instal google instaler and open everything all, but facebook not, open and closed instantly.

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