Flyme OS test firmware (m2 note)

Set up

  • Password Reset: document locking zone and application encryption unlock increase forgot password entry page.


  • New: Desktop Folder Naming support copy and paste.
  • New: Desktop Folder Naming expression input support.
  • Fix: Even now stuck interface inoperable cases.

Power saving mode

  • New: Limit intelligent power-saving mode to adjust the screen brightness.


  • Optimization: based on user feedback to adjust the keyboard height.

App Store

  • Featured plugins: Featured adjustment plug closing the inlet, moved from message alerts settings page.
  • FIX: installation fails after the installation has been a problem in the display.

Landscaping theme

  • Optimization: Merge My subject / My font “Local” and “beta”.
  • Optimization: Local theme Photo preview to an infinite loop.
  • Optimization: adjust the settings and download manager position.
  • Fix: Open the flash back online wallpaper.


  • Optimization: Adjustment function call mass introduction page.
  • FIX: Modify call after call to enter the edit screen, click the Restore Defaults button, to restore the default action is not performed.

Power Wizard

  • FIX: Power Wizard abnormal status bar color issues.
  • Repair: Boot Wizard language selection interface, automatic brightness adjustment failure.


  • Fix: multi-directional imaging camera using square pattern cutting incorrect.



i have, how i can flash this rom? thank you.

@philhpmoris34 download zip with firmware. Copy to root folder of your device. Go to file manager and click this zip. Update app will be started. Don’t forget to backup of your data.

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@Artem-Saliy sory for my stupid question, where is the root folder, must download the app supersu from play store to see in the file manager?

@philhpmoris34 Root is just that area inside of you phone where other folders are. Like in PC C: drive

@philhpmoris34 here you mean? and after wipe data?

@philhpmoris34 No, just open yout File Manager and tap All files. This will open your main folder. I guess it is sdcard folder on your screenshot.

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@Artem-Saliy no, i dont have sd card, i only download file manager app

no hickups yet, phone is stable… so far … camera flash still produce incorrect white balance , but overall better than last update… thanks developers , your the best

yes, is your installation package. If you have new one you need to copy it here.

Hey all,
I have the last stable version ( If I’ll update to the new update, all will be as is? (all my apps, images, sms?)

@Artem-Saliy i update the rom. its ok, very simple. thank you very mush

Have Turkish language support ?

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