Flyme OS test firmware (Pro 5)

Set up

  • Password Reset: document locking zone and application encryption unlock increase forgot password entry page.


  • Optimization: The weather and clock widget and adjust aspect ratio.


  • New: Desktop Folder Naming support copy and paste.
  • Fix: Even now stuck interface inoperable cases.

Power saving mode

  • New: Limit intelligent power-saving mode to adjust the screen brightness.

App Store

  • Featured plugins: Featured adjustment plug closing the inlet, moved from message alerts settings page.
  • FIX: installation fails after the installation has been a problem in the display.


  • Optimization: based on user feedback to adjust the keyboard height.

Landscaping theme

  • Optimization: Merge My subject / My font “Local” and “beta”.
  • Optimization: Local theme Photo preview to an infinite loop.
  • Optimization: adjust the settings and download manager position.
  • Fix: Open the flash back online wallpaper.


  • Fix: multi-directional imaging camera using square pattern cutting incorrect.


  • Optimization: Adjustment function call mass introduction page.
  • FIX: Modify call after call to enter the edit screen, click the Restore Defaults button, to restore the default action is not performed.

Power Wizard

  • FIX: Power Wizard abnormal status bar color issues.
  • Repair: Boot Wizard language selection interface, automatic brightness adjustment failure.



hope stable one near the corner

when will they introduce that from volume button - when one is pressed - to receive a popup with all level of sounds in settings, not only the MEDIA (that is currently set for Flyme OS). If I select the 2nd one or the 3rd one, then I should be able to adjust that line/setting from the physical volume button.

Now, as we all know, it’s very frustrating that when you want to lower your Ringtone volume you have to enter all they way through settings and the biggest frustration is that when you adjust the bar it’s playing the ringtone instant. So bad that from the volume buttons you can’t adjust only media sound not ringtones, not notifications and so on.

I’ve updated my Pro 5 this morning but I’m facing an issue when my flip cover is closed. Screen used to remain off when I receive a call and cover is closed but after the upgrade, screen will turn on even if the cover is closed.

Is there anything I’ve to change with this fw version?


We are always certain to have the SMS reception Probleme.
it is only in version 4.5 that we find no worries.

Beta or Stable version 5 are not conclusive SMS level with the French networks.

the response of Meizu is used WhatsApp does not replace the native SMS.

Evolve SMS, Hangouts does not solve the worries either

Thanks advance tou your answer


Meizu Pro 5

@poluxcrs You seems to use a translator tools or my English level is kind of low…but maybe you can describe a bit more the problem you are facing (and response you got from MEIZU), because I’m also using french provider (free) and don’t have any kind of trouble with SMS/MMS… Didn’t used the but tested a lot build from 5.6.1.X and 5.6.2.X).

its loop hole as mentioned at flyme forum i didnt got sms for 2-3 weeks then its fixed itself i used hangouts and now textra way beter custumazation
if you in loop hole non apps save you
i tryed some site that request sms to login like paypal or my television/internet site to test if i got sms

i cant test A versions because i have international version so good luck with you

Meizu Pro 5

:worried: I just decipher you are not receiving SMS (the way you fixed it or the conclusion you made/guess is less important than facts /testing you did right now) , so there are only 2 explanations IMHO :

  • You are using a lte band 20 provider, with lte band 20 coverage only (800mhz is mainly used by orange or sfr). This can’t be fixed. I’m not sure it’s the loop hole you are describing (quick Google search with SMS Meizu loop hole give no significant result) because it will also affect calls and data…

  • You didn’t use the correct APN and SMS gateway because inner configuration default database don’t contains your default one (for example Virgin Mobile, or La Poste…). This can be set manually easily

What I’m 100% sure : this is not related to Chinese or international version not only because I personally used both firmware (currently international please note hardware are identical) without trouble but also because phone ID can be changed anytime since a few days.
I do also believe you did a full wipe to exclude human error from possible root cause…

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@poluxcrs I have the same problem. Did you fixed? With the OS 4.5 there is not this problem?

English traductor :

I’m french, I’ll try to explain my problem.
I am at Bouygues Telecom, NRJ Mobile before, I have checked APN Operator, they are all OK because it works in version 4.5.
for SMS applications I tried everything: TEXTRA SMS / HANGOUTS / Evolve SMS / Native and still the same problem.
SMS arrived or not, I did test with another phone, send 50 sms and I have not received all.
SMS verification example Facebook / WAZE / BlaBlaCar same.
The phone is not ROOTE, and it is or not I have the same problem.
the only solution to this is to return to 4.5.

my twitter if: @poluxcrs
I version

Topic FR :ème-avec-les-sms

thank you in advance

Je suis français, je vais essayer de m’expliquer mon problème.
Je suis chez Bouygues Telecom, avant NRJ mobile, j’ai bien vérifié les APN ils sont tous OK puisque cela fonctionne en version 4.5.
pour les applications de SMS j’ai essayé tout : TEXTRA SMS / HANGOUTS / Evolve SMS / et Native, toujours le meme probleme.
les SMS arrivent ou pas, j’ai effectué des test avec un autre téléphone, 50 sms envoyés et je ne recois pas la totalité.
les SMS de vérification exemple Facebook / WAZE / Blablacar pareil.
Le téléphone n’est pas rooté, et qu’il le soit ou non j’ai le meme probleme.
la seule solution a cela est de repasser en 4.5.

mon twitter au cas où : @poluxcrs
je suis en version

Topic FR :ème-avec-les-sms

merci d’avance

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