Problem while restoring many sms (more than 13.000)


I tried to install Meizu M2 of a friend, with restoring all her sms with Sms backup and restore App.

After many hours (more than 13.000 sms to restore), unfortunately, it restores all sms twice with this app, but impossible to read sms, it makes hang the phone. I had to relaunch the restore procedure, so maybe it’s the cause of that all sms were restored twice.

Messenger seem not to hang, but doesn’t support multi SIM.

The original sms application always hang after that and even when trying to clear all sms, impossible to do that properly without hanging…I had to do a hard reset of the phone :(

There is a proper way to restore many sms without making hanging the phone or I had to tell my friend that she could not restore so many sms on that phone?

What is your experience with that on that phone?

Many thanks.

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@thierryb180381 why exactly would you need more than 13.000 sms?

Hello @Ertugrul Kahraman,

The goal was just to restore all her sms, and he had more than 13.000 sms to restore. The xml file had a size of 25 Mo.

But I leave 2 times the process of restore and I remarked that smany sms was restored 2 times.

You thought it could also come from I saved also emoticons when saving sms from source phone?



@thierryb180381 Where does your update come from?

How did you create that backup?

Hello @Ultrametric,

I created it with sms backup and restore from her old phone, it results an output xml file of 25 Mo.

I kept her output file, and I will do some test on another phone I don’t use to see if I have the same problem…

Did you ever try to restore such many sms on the Meizu?


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