Install Xposed at FlymeOs5 (5.1)

I managed to install latest Xposed 80 sdk file.
The trick was to do everything after the installation of a Rom. In my case I had many problems with the installation before. After I have just installed a beta Rom (like latest, everything worked fine.

These are the necessary steps:

  1. Install SuperSU from Play Store and have binary updated.
  2. Install BusyBox from Play Store
  3. Install Script Manager from Play store
  4. Download this installer script file : and after downloading put in the main storage folder
  5. Download this Xposed-v80- xposed file from here : . Put it also in the main storage folder
  6. Download this apk file : and install it
  7. Open the Scriptmanager, navigate to the main storage folder and clock on installer.bin file. Select Su from the top menu bar and be sure that a Supersu message pops up, mentioning that scriptmanager will get Root rights. After that, just click on Run button and the script will start.

At the first menu, there will be 2 selections: Si=1 and No=2.
We write 1 and we hit enter.

Then another menu in blue letters will appear. We write 1 and we hit enter. Some entries will appear and when the process finishes, we should do a device restart.
If everything went fine, you should have an optimization process of all applications during boot.

Then we start the Xposed application and the Framework should be installed. We are now ready to install any modules we want.

I hope it helps!

Feel free to ask any questions.

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@viper what does ls show you?

# ls

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I also tried with script manager.
Now it gives me an error that the special busybox is missing.

I have the standard busybox though.

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I’ve installed xposed and busybox sucessfuly only after rooting the phone with kingroot app. After soft-root the rootchecker app showed no root. Kingroot helped. Now everything works fine for me.

I tried with new script.
This is the outcome:

Informacion del dispositivo:
Marca: Meizu
Modelo: m1 note
Rom: Flyme OS beta

              Instalador de Xposed
                    por iicc

       ¿Seguro que deseas instalar Xposed?

              Selecciona una opcion:

                [ Si = 1 | No = 2 ]


Estas instalando Xposed v80 para SDK 22

Si no es el correcto no llegara a instalarse

Recuerda que:

SDK 21 --> Android 5.0
SDK 22 --> Android 5.1
SDK 23 --> Android 6.0

Presiona 1 para continuar:

-Busybox instalado correctamente en Xbin.

-El SDK de Xposed es el correcto (22).

-La arquitectura del procesador es de 64 Bits
Al igual que el Xposed que intenta instalar.

Montando particiones…

Creando directorios…

Descomprimiendo archivos…
Archive: /sdcard/

! Failed: /tmp/xposed/system/xposed not found!

Finally I made it!
First post updated!!

This is the first method that worked for me on Flyme 5 !!
Thank very much, Have a nice a day.
Edit: Do you recommend any Good Module especially for the M1 Note ?

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I would propose the following modules:

  • Youtube Background playback
  • Crappalinks
  • minminguard
  • Wifi password
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@iChebbi flyme tools version 2.5 upwards is a must!
Also greenify, wakelock stuff.

And the Meizu notification fix

@Ultrametric said:

@iChebbi flyme tools version 2.5 upwards is a must!
Also greenify, wakelock stuff.

And the Meizu notification fix

Greenify and the fix why?
FlymeOs is offering anyway such option for making battery economy and also all notifications are working fine if you set them up correctly.

Btw any link for downloading flymetools 2.5?


@viper use greenify and you see magic happen.

I get almost an additional day out if my mx5 with battery tweaks.

The problem of FlymeOS are the system apps! The system apps steal your battery life for no benefit!

So you need greenify to deal with you social media apps and FlymeOS system apps.

And I uploaded the Russian craked flyme tools 2.5.1 on the FlymeOS forum + a guide. (It’s only available in Russian)

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@Ultrametric Oh so you’re the one that uploaded Flyme Tools on the FlymeOS Forum, thanks another time. I used it to enable Multi Window for most of my apps, the additional volume slider, remap the home button action and to have the Marshmallow boot animation :D

Here is the list of the tweaks I use:
-Flyme Tools (really a must have !)
-Awesome Video Pop-up
-Status bar scroll to top
-Meizu notification fix (it replaces the infinity icons with the regular notifications icons)

I’ll try later with greenify and see how effective it is.

@viper if there’s an update, do I need to do a clean install or flash it without cleaning data, to have Xposed working again ?

You just replace the xposed zip file and run again the script.


@iChebbi the Statusbar scroll to top is in FlymeOS by default.

I’m pretty confident, did you try it out without the xposed module?

For all other: click the top bar (or status bar) and it automatically scrolls to the top, of whatever you do.

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