Meizu MX5 Stopped working once, twice ...


I bought a phone, Meizu MX5 on October 11 2015 from, with 364 $ shipped from European warehouse. Even I bought it from European warehouse and I am from Romania, Europe, my phone came with Chinese menus and apps, not just in English or Romanian language. This was the 1st issue with the phone.

On 29th of January, the battery was around 43% and in a middle of a conversation the phone died. I pressed the power button, the home button, nothing happens. I left it to charge all night, it was still not working at all, it didn’t seems to charge, it was not power on, it was not recognized by the laptop either when connected the USB port. I wrote the problem to support and they asked me about the problem once more.

I made a short movie:

After 5-7 days of not functioning, the phone finally started up. And after a factory reset it was functioning almost normally. It has restarted 2 times, completely surprising. The first time was connected to the car through Bluetooth, and shut it down without touch it. The second time, at evening has restarted without touch it again. The temperature of the phone was around 26 degrees. In fact was not restarting, was shutting down, because I powered up. Since then, the phone is shutting down 2-3 times per day, or from time to time “restart or shutting” down is appearing on screen and I have to cancel. The phone was not modded, not dropped, even I didn’t update (because I can’t understand what you say in Chinese and I don’t know what is says).

The support of did nothing really, they just gave me this answer “If the problem is solved, please kindly close this ticket and rate our service. If your issue is still not solved yet, please leave your ticket open and kindly wait for our reply. Please do not submit multiple tickets about the same issue, it may delay our reply. For new question, please submit a new ticket (one topic = one ticket).Thank you for your understanding and patience. We will do our best to serve you” - completely childish and not professional…

The phone just stopped. Once again. On 10.02.2016, after almost 2 day of working.

It was charged 92%, it was without wireless or Bluetooth or 4g, just sitting on a table, the logo Meizu appears for a second then the phone just died. And now nothing happens when I press the power button, it is not detected by the usb. It is an issue just with my phone or with more than my phone? The phone worked perfect for almost 2 days, and today has stopped and shut it down 2 times, and the third was completely down…

It is abnormal that a phone “More than better” to stop functioning or function improperly after 3 months. I have other Chinese brands such as Lenovo or Elephone, but none with bad experiences like this. My experience with a phone “More than better” witch is poor and disappointing for now? The store is evading a real answer or solve my problem.

I opened a case to and they offered me 35$ to keep the defective phone or send it to them in China. I paid almost 50$ to buy it from European warehouse and now they said to send the phone for repair in China (but without giving a real address) and lose more than 2 months with shipping to and back from China.

I opened a case to, hoping that they can do something better like pushing to give me an European address or refund me. This time offered 50$ to keep a defective phone. Is this a fuking joke, I thought? NO. And I refused and advance to claim on to refund me completely. The answer of was that they will investigate and then will communicate with me for new evidences or something, until somewhere in 12 March: “In response to this claim, offered you a partial refund of 50,00 USD. You have denied this refund offer and as a result we will continue our review of this claim. We will review the facts of the case and carefully consider all the material before making a decision. We’ll let you know if we require additional information from you, and will send you an email when a decision has been reached.”

But I was checking my status one day and believe it or now closed my case and decided in favor of seller, without inform me or require “additional information from me: “After careful consideration, we’re unable to decide this claim in your favor at this time.
The listing accurately described the item you received. We cannot grant claims based on buyer’s remorse.”

Seriously? This was a “carefully consider all the material before making a decision”

So, I paid 364$ for a phone, who is not functioning after 3 months of use, get the money, get their fee, and I am holding a defective phone and also I am the bad guy with “remorse”.

In conclusion I have two advices for you all: NEVER buy ANYTING from (they will not give you any technical support) and NEVER PAY through (if the item is not damaged when it came, and something happens after that they will not help you)!

Best regards to all!

PS: I started yesterday the phone, which was in his box since 14.02.2016, and it started. I used the factory reset one more time and then I reinstalled everything. The phone restarted 4 times. I expect today or tomorrow to be shut again. Does anyone know how to solve this or what it’s for sure?


@grp6200 you bought a phone from china and expect support! (Gearbest doesn’t have a EU warehouse, it’s scam. And save the time to argue, this is simply it.)

The only problem I see here is that you expected help from a Chinese re-sellers.

And these don’t give a fuck as long as you give em money.

Meizu won’t help you either! Because you have a Chinese Mx5.

So don’t buy from re-sellers, if you don’t like their after sale support! It’s your own fault.

@Ultrametric Yup, you are right. It’s my fault and I have told my experience, so maybe it is not happening to anybody else. Also my fault to believe that is my safety net in case of this is. The phone came from Hungary (Romania and Hungary are neighbors) so that I guess was the EU warehouse…

But regarding my phone problem, does anybody get this kind of stuff? Or it’s just my phone?


@grp6200 I am happy that you shared your experience. But don’t blame it all on Paypal, the company helps a lot.

I also got an MX5 from the Gearbest “EU warehouse.” And PayPal paid the phone for me.

And the story behind it is:

  • Gearbest gave me a shipping number, that wasn’t trackable
  • I got suspicious and started to ask questions like, location of the warehouse and shipping date
  • I did this just because I knew Gearbest doesn’t have a EU warehouse and can’t give it to me
  • So, in the end, Gearbest stopped to talk to me, I really did not believe that the phone ever arrives.
  • And escalated it.
  • Paypal paid for the phone, just for the sake of having a happy customer.
  • So I got a full refund, for no expensive for the seller.

A couple of days later the phone arrived, and I asked myself if it’s okay to take money from PayPal… and came to the conclusion that it’s a super rich company and won’t give a fuck about ~300€.

I would not blame PayPal for your situation! If you would have played your cards right, at the right time, they would have been there for you.

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Hello , you are not only one with this problems.
Mi Meizu Mx 5 it in the same situation, until now im try all firmware from A and G and nothing work with root and no root .
Last try im see to one rusia forum try to put firmare it posible some lot of phone to have problems with Lolipop.
I will try and this in this day maybe it will work.
Have a nice day to all and if you find a solution pls to post here!!!
P.S Sorry to mi bad english.

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