M2 play store crashes while searching with S or W

Hello Guys, I am from India and I bought a new meizu m2. In google play store, when I type w or s to search, the play store crashes. The seller has very poor service. Can’t wait so tried to resolve myself. Originally it came with firmware 4.5.3I. So I upgraded to 4.5.4I but faced same issue. Gave it another try by upgrading to the latest Indian firmware 4.5.4IN. I’m still no where close to resolve the problem. I tried factory reset by pressing volume up+power key but no use of that. I don’t want to root my phone. Please could anyone advise me how to get around with this?

Hi admin, i downloaded an older version of google installer 1.4.4 from app center (30MB) and that seemed to set things in place. My play store doesn’t crash now.

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