Meizu MX4 pro (M462) with flyme 4.57A not connect at all

I am new at the forum and I found this topic more familiar with my problem.
I bought a Meizu MX4 pro (M462 and not M462U model). I am in Greece and after insert my sim card and put my pin, no mobile signal at all. I tried to install flyme 4.5.7I (It has 4.5.7A) and says that the file is corrupt (its not).
Somewhere I read that these two TD models have deferences at frequencies that support.
Is anyone know something like that? If its true, the transform chinese into international fix the problem or it is hardware issue?
Thank you a lot


You should give our F.A.Q. a try, when you should know why you cannot use the “I” firmware:

To fix the device redo an upgrade with an A firmware and select “Clear Data”.

I redo an upgrade with 4.5.7A version with clear data and the problem didn’t solved
I read the F.A.Q. and I understand about I version thanks to you.
But I found at 2 different sites that the M462 model that support WCDMA (and have the same bands with M462U) cannot connect to a lot of European countries (also in Greece).
Is that True? (something about umts bands)
Sites: frequencycheck and willmyphonework (my carrier Wind in Greece)

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