How to downgrade?

I updated to 3.7.6A through Flyme update, and as everyone else is reporting Google Play services are not working. Appears the service APK wasn’t in the update and why this is happening.

So it’s possible to downgrade I’ve read, but how do I go about this? Do I download the previous firmware 3.7.4A and put it on the root of the mass storage, then boot into recovery?
Or is there more steps to this?
Also is it required to clear data? I read on the Meizu official forums that, clear data is not required certain firmwares.

Just a little confused.

Thanks :>

No, clear data not required, 3.7.4, 3.7.5 also good, but I wrote a solution if you’re interested in.

Thanks for that. So I downgrade by the document application?

Thanks, fixed my issue

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