Charging m1 note with mx5 charger for faster charging

Hi. I have a meizu mx5 and an m1note. I have noticed that m1note charges much faster when using the mx5 charger. The thing is the mx5 charger is 5-12V, 2A while the m1note charger is 5V,1A. My question is: will m1note have any problem if i continue charging it with the mx5 charger? Like will the battery brake down faster than ussual because of the extra volts and amperes? And secondly if i buy another charger 5V, 2A will it charge m1note as fast as with mx5 charger? (the mx5 is not 5v, it is 5-12V) Thanks


@dimis52 first of all, I clearly advice doing this. Even though the battery controller should regulate the additional voltages, it still is a dangerous play and might cause the battery to burn down or whatever. So absolute no go.

But yes, a charger with the same Amperes and Voltages will charge with the same speed - logically.

@Rey Thanks for your answer. On the other hand though i am thinking that it worths giving 10 euros for a new battery after a year or so, and avoid endless hours of waiting to charge!


@dimis52 No it does not.
It’s not related to the battery! The battery doesn’t give a fuck about how fast you charge it (very simplified)!
It’s the charging electronics (Not the battery) That makes your phone charge fast.

I am not sure what you mean with a new battery… It’s build in you can’t replace the battery without taking the phone apart.

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