App clocks freezing

the stock time is always correct on my phone, but if I use a different clock app for the homescreen/alarms, then that clock will freeze when the phone goes to sleep. Eg, if I don’t touch the phone for 6 hours, next time I use the phone the time will be 6 hours behind the correct time.

when I select the app the time will then jump back to the correct time, but only if I select the clock to open.

@clarkydaz You need to add the app to whitelist is Security. That’ll fix your issue.

ok is that a particular app or will any whitelist do it?

@clarkydaz Sorry mate I should have been more. Basically open up the “Security” app, press “accelerator” and you’ll see a little cog icon in the top right. Tap that and you’ll get this:

Tap the bottom memory whitelist option and you’ll get this:

Now just press the add to whitelist button and choose your apps you want to keep notifications for.
I’d recommend allowing all apps in the permissions and power tab too ;)

hey mate it loos like that’s done it, thanks so much! it was the one annoyance I had with the phone! cheers

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