Meizu M2 Note bugs

please help my!!!
I bought Meizu M2 Note 2 months ago, and it’s can’t stop crashing (stop working randomly).
The Youtube not updating (Unfortunately I need to use the earliest version ).
When I’m try to put a password the settings crashs to the main screen.
The camera deletes the photos I take ater two minutes,or when I do a restart to the phon
becuase the crashs.

Please help me to fix that bugs!!!

Please post in the correct section next time, we got a M2 Note Question and Answer section. I moved it to it now.

You should update the firmware to the latest stable version available. You can find it in the firmware section of this phone. To update please read our FAQ, it is really easy to do. Make sure that you turn clear data on and make sure that all your files like personal photos are on the hard drive of your computer, otherwise you will not see them back.

Good luck, take your time, read the forums, breath, relax and do the job, you can do it.

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