Keyboard Issues

I bought MX4 Pro 4 days ago and I am facing a pretty weird issue with it.

I don’t know if I am doing something wrong or if it is a kind of bug but that’s why I posted it here, in case someone ran up to it till now.

Wherever I type text (messages app, facebook, facebook messenger, browser etc. etc.) I cannot select a part of the text to make changes in case I miss-typed something. This happens with any kind of keyboard I have been using.

Swype, Swiftkey and of course the stock keyboard that comes with the phone.

I am running Flyme OS 4.5.7I version.

If someone has any ideas please let me know, because it’s a very very frustrating problem,

Thanks in advance.

Hey there, did you use the search option on the forum? Well I can answer that question for you…:innocent:

No you didn’t… :sweat:

This is already a FlyMe bug for over ages and I guess it is not solved within Flyme 4. Maybe it is in Flyme 5, but I honestly don’t know. Search the forum and read our guidelines.

Sorry for being rude, but we are not completely a helpdesk. We are a forum and a forum demands some effort from you.

Go for 5130 firmware,its fixed :)
But you must know that new 5130 is not internatonal,so be prepaired for setup the phone after flash and you will only get US and CHINA(default) lang.,without google apps.
First go and read on forum before you go on new firmare.
Good Luck and care that PRO baby :)

Had this bug too, but its gone since i use the new Flyme Betas. Im currently using on my Pro it works fine, maybe you should try that ;)

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