where nfc chip are located?

where nfc chip are located cant get it to work with bus card
im waiting to nfc stikers arived

@yosef019 Are you taking about the actual physical chip or where to find the NFC settings to set it up? Because I don’t think you can get to the actual chip unless you open up the phone.

If you just want the settings for it you just open main settings app, touch the “More” tab and select “NFC”. There you will find the controls for it. There’s also a toggle for NFC in the notification shade.

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where are the spot on the phone itself?? i cant get it working i need nfc tag to test

Meizu Pro 5

@yosef019 Top of the phone, above the camera lens

@Kikounet95 said:

@yosef019 Top of the phone, above the camera lens

thanks now its working
store where i bought cant help me lol

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