3G and 4G connection problem

Hi, on my brand new Mx4 pro which I bought from Greece(minideal.net) I have latest firmware5.1.3.0A and I can only connect via 2G signal.When I switch to 3g or 4g I dont have any network.

Iam living in Croatia and my provider covers all signals(at least 3g)
Should I have to downgrade firmware or change sim card or what?

please help

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I changed your topic title. Please use a title that describes your problem in a few words.

Two things:

  • What is your firmware version? Update to latest stable version
  • Try to get a new simcard from your provider. In the mean time, try it with a simcard from someone else.

thanx for reply.

I went yesterday to my provider, change sim card and everything works.

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