Problem with USB conector

When i connect a usb cable with my computer, with my mx3 i can not see the device with windows explorer.
Can anybody help me???

Do you use Windows XP?

You should try another usb port or another usb cable, maybe another pc.

I’ve connected to 3 different pc one with win7 another with win8.1 and different cables. Some days ago all were fine and connected!!!

I have connected my meizu mx3 to all usb ports of the computers. There is no notification and no conection.

Does your MX3 give the USB inserted notification?

Is your phone’s usb clean?

no notification and yes i think phone’s usb is clean!!

You could try to Clear Data on your MX3, maybe it helps.

Reinstall the firmware and select Clear Data during the process.

After a lot of efforts i finally got connected!!! Doing nothing but moving a little the cable!!!
Thank you for your answers!!!

Great to hear it got solved ;)

Sometimes it’s just the simple things.

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