My m2 note bricked while flashing the Flyme 5 beta. :( can anyone help me fix this?

Phone displays only blackscreen and keeps vibrating every now and then. :( what should i do. :(

can you go to recovery via home button and volume up at same time?

@mapoTN no, its just black screen and vibrates every 5 minutes. cant access also the recovery mode.

I have the same problem, can’t get into recovery.

You need to go to recovery guys… First… U need to run to fast reboot mode… Just click power button and the volume button at thr same time for 4-5 seconds… U will notice a small indication the buttom right corner… That says fast boot bla bla… Now click the volume up and the power button at rhe same time to go to recovery mode… Now connect to the pc and copy the rom u need to install…i highly recomend to downlowd flyme OS 4.5.1A or the latest flyme os… Just go to

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