Flyme OS test firmware (m2)


  • Optimization: Optimization of brightness adjustment.
  • FIX: Problems flashlight can not be used.
  • Repair: Fix some users feedback system problems.


  • Optimization: Modify visual contact details page.
  • Optimization: Optimization of call records list the support TalkBack.
  • Fix: Use after certain themes, dial indicator is incorrect.
  • Repair: APN setting error problem.

Mobile butler

  • FIX: due to rights management led to third-party input method can not be recalled.

Landscaping theme

  • Fix: browse certain details relating to the title bar when you can not see.


  • FIX: No result search for wireless networks.



Hi guys, anyone tried? sync of google contacts, root and gps is working now?

I’d also like to know, how about the root.
Is there a Root option, like in below screenshot?:
alt text

No root yet, everything working pretty much the same as the last beta.
Google play and sync are working too.

what about facebook, still it force closed like in beta version?

i cant download any apps from google play

Works facebook from apkmirror. And messenger Rooted with king root. Google for download. Also with app store update king root to 4.8.1 version. Whats not working: cant recieve sms with textra sms app. And google messenger doesnt work for sending sms. Anybody knows how to workaround this issue?

@mapoTN everything works. Instal google installer from app store. Icon with red color. And from that app install google services and contact sync and others gapps that you need. After that reboot phone. I have only sms recieving and sending issues with 3rd party sms apps. Textra and google messenger. With stock messenger everything works good.

Still exist some problems : with Auto brightness turned on the screen at night is very bright. In flyme version 4 battery had double more juice than this os version. And with low power mode turned on i see the same remaining time…

@mgeranimus Try freezing the stock sms app with titanium backup or something similar. I could only receive sms when stock sms app is frozen. Even on flyme 4.x.x

Could someone please try if Echo Lockscreen can override the default lockscreen in this one? Or anyone could suggest me one that can? I’d love to have a proper lockscreen, but sadly this doesn’t work on 4.x.x

Do you experience from time to time delay in notifications like in previous flyme 5 beta?

How are the battery drains on this firmware?

@ElladanMRK battery drains faster than in flyme 4. Plus newest facebook apk doesnt work

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