Flyme OS test firmware (m2 note)


  • Recent applications: increase the search page “Recent Applications”, click open the app directly.
  • SMS search: New SMS search feature, disabled by default.
  • Search Settings: access setup search, direct search settings.
  • Search term: set - Accessibility - desktop search, custom search allows items.
  • Smart: Sorting according to usage of intelligent local results.
  • Hot words: Home hot word was adjusted to 3 * 2, an increase of hot words for a change function.
  • Card: Add Instant card guide.
  • Words recommendation: Increase the screen word suggestion feature.


  • Optimization: Optimization of brightness adjustment.
  • New: floating plans to increase mute function on incoming call notification.


  • Optimization: Modify visual contact details page.
  • Optimization: Optimization of call records list the support TalkBack.
  • Fix: Use after certain themes, dial indicator is incorrect.

Lock screen

  • Fix: song and the next song can not be displayed on QQ Music.

Mobile butler

  • FIX: due to rights management led to third-party input method can not be recalled.

Landscaping theme

  • Fix: browse certain details relating to the title bar when you can not see.



Hi Ray, After upgrading to an unneccessary folder full of chinese app suggestions is found in my homescreen i cant delete it or hide it. sometimes the title of the folder will change from futured to chinese text. is there any way to remove that folder

1.root the phone (setting, security, root permission…)
2.install "Root Uninstaller"
3.uninstall “AppCenter” (you can also uninstall all chinease apps)
Done! :)

still having problem with notification,on flashcore app after some time notification stop working and after clearing cash in app and restarting works again but also stoped after some time.all permision are on.hope they fix this.

in Security app
power --> app consum… --> mark all
accelerator --> Gear --> memory ac… --> add to white list --> mark all
permission --> Auto-laun… -->mark all

open all not impact anything
They not fix it cause it not problem just turn on all

all is on,its problem in flyme.

When changed my m2 note 5.6 then my play service is lost so how to install

How can I report a bug?
This happens in Snapchat and used to happen to older FlymeOS’s in FB Messenger Bubble heads (the black bar on the bottom of the screen)

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