Flyme OS test firmware (Pro 5)


  • Recent applications: increase the search page “Recent Applications”, click open the app directly.
  • SMS search: New SMS search feature, disabled by default.
  • Search Settings: access setup search, direct search settings.
  • Search term: set - Accessibility - desktop search, custom search allows items.
  • Smart: Sorting according to usage of intelligent local results.
  • Hot words: Home hot word was adjusted to 3 * 2, an increase of hot words for a change function.
  • Card: Add Instant card guide.
  • Words recommendation: Increase the screen word suggestion feature.


  • Optimization: Optimization of brightness adjustment.
  • New: floating plans to increase mute function on incoming call notification.


  • New: Desktop Application Support folder named input expression.


  • Optimization: Modify visual contact details page.
  • Optimization: Optimization of call records list the support TalkBack.
  • Fix: Use after certain themes, dial indicator is incorrect.

Lock screen

  • Fix: song and the next song can not be displayed on QQ Music.

Mobile butler

  • FIX: due to rights management led to third-party input method can not be recalled.


  • Fix: After closing the camera sound, switch to video / slow motion mode, and then switch to the other mode to take pictures photographs sound.
  • FIX: Record GIF, click on the screen can not focus and metering.

Landscaping theme

  • Fix: browse certain details relating to the title bar when you can not see.



Finally!! Meizu fixes the auto brightness
Let’s see how it works

@Asiier What is supposedly wrong with auto brightness? Can’t say I’ve ever really had any issues. Works OK for me…

Haven’t installed test firmwares before. Can I root and install Xposed as usual?

Meizu Pro 5

@Pasha-Kagan yep, no problem for rroting and installing xposed framework

In the last beta, it was really crappy
It was changing erratically all the time, I guess it was a problem of the last beta because I didn’t notice before

@Asiier Weird. I’m still on and can honestly say I have no issues with auto brightness.

I guess it was on the last beta
Although in this one works all right, really smooth changes of the brightness

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