frozen screen

hi everyone, i downloaded almost all of the beta and stable firmwarea but i have a problem; some times the screen doesnt turn on while standby. But phone is on, the notification light blinking but screen doesnt turn on until i reset it by holding power button for 10sec. İn this frozen situation, if someone calls, he hear that my phone is ringing but screen is off and its not ringing :/ i couldnt find anything. İts not warm, its not related with any app. İts happening randomly, some times once a week, sometimes twice a day. Never happened on my hand. Sometimes in my pocket, sometimes at the table :/ i tried all the firmwares and cleaned everything. The only way is pressing the power button for 10sec.

does anyone experienced something like that?

I recently have experienced that problem you mentioned, the phone started to ring and vibrate since I was receiving a call but the screen didn’t turn on, moreover the phone was totally unresponsive I was trying to unlock with the home and lock but and it won’t turn on the screen, I hold the lock button till the phone restarted, I have received other calls without a problem since that moment.
I’m not sure what it causes it If it is a problem of the software or something app related since I have installed Xposed as well as a lot of modules that could provoke this problem.
Do you think you have some kind of app or settings that could provoke this problem?

Hi, actually mine is not ringing or vibrating on that situation, there no sign of being called. just the caller says it has been ringing. on the other hand i dont think that one of the apps cause that, because it is almost empty when it happened.

the problem is that i couldnt find even a reason, is it related with just software or just hardware. not responding screen while being called looks like software but it has to be sound. the sensors may cause the problem but it has to be sound too :( app? i dont think so

i ll write it to the meizu customer service. i ll inform you,

thanks for replying

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