Flyme 3.7.6A test firmware (MX2)

1. When Flyme 2.x user updating software, the system will be prompted to format disk and clear data. Please backup data before system upgrade(all data will be deleted after formatting), and the personal data can be backed up by Flyme account (included Contacts and SMS etc.).
2. Flyme 3.x users, ROOT users or users of security software, please clear data otherwise the phone may not boot. Please do synchronization backup since contacts and other personal data may gets lost.
3. If system software downgrading from Flyme 3.x to Flyme 2.x, the system must require to format disk and clear data, please back up the user data.
4. After the Android 4.4 ART-mode enabled, the system will restart and the application conversion consumes a lot of time and energy (converting 200 apps will take about half an hour, 10 percent of battery and cannot use the phone function in the meantime). Please allow sufficient battery power. Each firmware upgrade will complete application optimization.
5. When in ART mode, boot interface conversion will be applied after the firmware upgrade, this will consume a lot of time and electricity.
6. If an compatibility operation error occurs in an individual third-party app on Android 4.4, the app must be updated itself.
7. When downgrading to a lower firmware version, please clear data or otherwise may not boot.
8. Upgrading International version MX2 with the mainland China Simple Chinese version firmware may lead to compatibility issues.
9. MX2 and MX2 TD users can install this firmware.
10. Before upgrading, check that the battery has at least 20% capacity.
11. After the upgrade is successful, the Windows XP computer system will need to install Windows Media Player 11 or later version if the phone can connect to the computer properly.
12. MX2 users, please install the new baseband. MX2 TD users, do not use.


  • Ringtones Caton fixes some of the dormant machine down notice.
  • Repair some of the slow time after one hour phone upgrade issues.


  • Optimize streaming media business set-up time:


  • Retransmission mechanism to optimize short MMS failed to improve the success rate of retransmission.


  • Increase the filtering blacklist existing contact number.


  • Optimization NFC compatibility, supports E Yue charge bus card (Currently the software supports the Beijing area), you can use the phone as a transit card recharge anytime, anywhere.


  • Modify the operating path WLAN proxy settings.
  • Prior to the ‘Settings - WLAN - More - Advanced - Proxy Settings’, is now long press connection AP, you can reach the proxy settings.

China Mainland version

China Mainland version

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just updated. This firmware doesnt play nice with google play services.

Yep… Had to go back to the older version and clear all data… Wouldn’t recommend this one.

@nextman @balisto how about this fix?
@‘sonyz7’ said:

My solution is very simple:
I used banks gapps minimal: Banks Gapps minimal

1. Download and extract the archive to your device
2. Make sure you have ROOT access
3. Copy the files to their respective ‘/system’ folders
4. Make sure the permissions for the files are correct (rw–r--r–)
5. Reboot
6. Sign in

@HondaRacer, installation method - good guide
@Banks, gapps

I don’t want to root, last time my mx2 slowed down remarkably…
I’ll just wait for the next update and hope it will be fixed. :)

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