Meizu M2 note getting rly slow

Hi i have meizu for few months and i just have few apps installed about 7gb free intern memory and everytime after a day or so using phone is sooo slow i want to open a camera i have to w8 5 sec etc… only thing that help i clear memory but it works just for like a few hours and then its again slow…
and a secound questin about camera…how your camera working for you guys? when im doing some pictures is enough to make me just a little shaken the hand and the image is blurry

It happens to me occasionally as well. It usually run smooth but sometime it stutters… and after 10-15 seconds it backs to normal. Driving me crazy.
One thing I could repeat every time is camera+gallery app speed. Opening the Camera app is slow, but viewing the taken picture (via stock Gallery app) is painfully slow. It took 10 secs to open the recently taken photo! Any operation with the gallery app is slow (tried on both internal storage and SDcard). It won’t refresh by itself but I need to close the app and reopen to have my pictures appear. I recently switch to Google Photo as temporary fix. It is faster.
BTW, I’m running and Nova Launcher Pro.


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