Meizu MX 4 Pro only starts in Bootloader

Hi guys,
I have installed TWRP loader on my MX 4 Pro to me to install the Mokee Rom.
Have unfortunately in Tvrp cache and SD memory erased . Then my smartphone starts up as reinstalled. I have the Mokee Rom drawn on the phone and install the Twrp.apk.
I then typed on Reboot TWRP, as previously also.

Now the phone starts only in the recovery mode of Flyme . It simply no longer starts. Delete the user data does nothing and the Meizu firmware ( is only in renamed form on the SD memory.

Is there any possibility to bring the device to life?

Best regards

Meizu MX4 Pro

@Thomas-Gee you can try to put the in recovery partition by connect the phone with a PC while the phone is in recovery mode.

Just install a custom ROM with the twrp for Mx4Pro no need to wipe anything. twrp wipe system and install the ROM. And never flash a flyme OS in twrp!

Thank you for your answer but how can I reach the recovery partition.
Appears a drive in Windows where I can copy the update. Zip?

Thank you so much! First there wasnt a recovery drive,but now I have uninstalled all drivers and it appeats now.

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