Google contact sync, Note field issue


My contact are sync with Google. When i want to add / modify a note from a contact, this field is not updated on google.
Adding people or phone number is working well. Maybe other field are impacted but i don’t test it.

Someone have it too ?

I remove my google sync and i add it again, same issue :-1:

When did it happened?

What were you doing when the problem occured?
i’m on dialer application

Is it a new issue (e.g. after firmware upgrade)?
i don’t know

Firmware version :

Thank for your help

Go to a random contact --> Press edit button --> Scroll all the way down to Groups --> Make sure that the contact is sync with your Google account by looking If you Gmail appears and Google contact box is checked
If everything is correctly configured and you still have the same issue, try to download another Contact/Dialer app and see If there you have the same problem

@Asiier I test with a new dialer and it’s the same because the new dialer open the contact from the real dialer application.

Should i open a new bug on flyme forum ?

You can always reinstall the firmware and see If the problem gets solved
If not, you can open a thread there but they will probably tell you to reinstall the firmware or something like that

i had same problem on M2 with Flyme OS test firmware (m2), after reinstall fw it was ok

I’m having the exact same problem, with my PRO 5, Flyme
Did you solve it?

@oferws From my side, no i don’t want to reinstall again all my cellphone. I’m waiting for the new version of Flyme

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