meizu m2 mini call problem (dial & id) + browser stuck

I have a meizu m2 mini which I bought last December.
Since I updated in flyme 4.5.4I I am experiencing two problems:

  • the main one has to do with the call app. Its very slow, it can take up to 1 min to open a contact and another 30sec-1min to make a call. Also when I have incoming calls it doesn’t show the id of the caller. Its visible only 5-15sec after I start to speak. Is it a bug or something and how can I fix it?
  • secondary problem: when I use the internet browser and after sometime of surfing it might get completely stuck. It wont get unstuck unless I restart the phone. This is not happening very often but 1-2 times every two weeks or so.

@Rey How can I redo the update?
If I do factory data reset it will delete the firmware update? or I have to do something else.

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