Slow 4g speeds.

I have an issue with 4g. While it properly connects to my 4G network the up/down speeds max out to 10mbps / 10mbps. I did test it side by side with a nexus 5 ( obviously in same carrier), I had 10/10 and he had 50/40. Also while I had a ping of ~100ms the nexus had ~40. I got in the * # * # 4636 # * # * menu on both phones, mx4 pro has preferred network type “WCDMA preferred”. The nexus has “LTE / GSM / CDMA auto (prl)”. I tried the same setting but won’t let me.Then I tried “LTE only”, this time it worked and connected to 4G but speeds were the same (10/10).

Obviously my sim is 4G and 4G is enabled by my carrier. My carrier currently uses FDD-LTE at 1800MHz which should be fully supported by the phone. This is Europe/Greece and the carrier is Cosmote.

MX4 pro is currently on

Any ideas?

i do not have this issues i can get 4G LTE speed at almost 100mbps. 4G speed is depend on your location and your network provider.

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