Need help rooting MX4 running Flyme5

I am trying to root my phone so I can freeze some of the annoying system apps.
I used the ‘root phone’ option in Security Settings and installed Titanium backup, but TB said it didn’t have root access.
I tried running superSU but it said I don’t have SU binary installed.
I tried running KingRoot but it had a network problem.
Can anyone help/guide me through the process please?


Kingroot and supersu are no friends!

@meh301 I have the User Center app already. How does that help get root access?


@marius-elvenwood to avoid answering such questions 1000 times, I wrote a tutorial. But its not on this forum, and you have to find it yourself.

(Neither am I bothered to copy n paste a link a 1000 times :P )

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