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Meizu Music App

Yes you read it right! The Meizu Music app gives you free songs. They Meizu do it on purpuse? Nah, they probably don’t but the software department at Meizu is a big fail… what’s sometimes a pleasure for customers. Today is one of this days, where we can be happy that Meizu software developers suck.

All you need is a global Flyme 5 and edit two lines in build.prop


  • Install Flyme 5 Global
  • Root The Phone
  • Install SuperSU & Build the binary
  • Install Root Explorer

Download the Root Explorer: 0_1455657380802_com.speedsoftware.rootexplorer_103.apk

Now that your phone is rooted, SuperSU is installed and the binaries are build, we can start.

1 Open the Root Explorer
2 Find the build.prop in system
3 Mount it writeable and edit the following lines

Edit it from:


It has to look like this


Save and reboot

Let the fun begin

Open the Music app search for music and download it all.
Checkout the screenshots.
You don’t need a VPN! It works out of the box.

Screenshots of the music app.

Edit: I underlined that this topic is for the GLOBAL firmware, as some weren’t able or too lazy to read it.



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For me working without modding. I’m on
Hope this help.


@szunyog007 GLOBAL!

Not Chinese.
I’m on beta.

And this is guide is for global firmwares.

It will work on any G for Global firmware :P

hey man its working just fine! im on5.1.3.0G!

My music app is working without doing that, why do we need to do that?



Are you on a global firmware? No, you aren’t.

Read the topic proper. This is about the G for Global firmware!

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Works fine on Pro 5 with GLOBAL !
Thanks for sharing!

I red the topic but few weeks ago I had a same problem on the Chinese version. I can’t download any music via music app just if I turn on VPN.


@szunyog007 This works without a VPN. NO VPN!

You do what the topic tells you on a GLOBAL firmware… and it works without a VPN!

Pick one of the following available firmwares:
FlymeOS or FlymeOS for the MX5 and Pro 5!

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Meizu MX4 Pro

Thank You so Much!
Working on MX4Pro with FlyMeOS 4.5.7I and Musik 5.0.6 ;-)


Great guide :clap: :grinning:

I also used to do this in a lazy way (just by installing China firmware) back in the days. :D ;)

@AndiRoid77 said in [Guide] Free Music for you! <3 Meizu Music App:

Server Timeout in !?!

Same timeout error in a Pro 5 Flyme


@maxant69 can confirm the same on Flyme It seems that they have put a GeoIP block back online.
To bypass it you need to use OpenVPN and a South Korean VPN, which you can get from VPNGate.

A user once wrote a guide:

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