Flyme OS test firmware (MX4 Pro)


  • Optimization: Adjustment T9 dialing logic details.
  • Optimization: Optimization card SMS recognition result.
  • Optimization: dialpad support Talkback.
  • Optimization: Pinyin state, support the search box on the input screen instantly associate.
  • FIX: Setting DND white list, add a speed dial contact interface, do not show starred contacts.

App Store

  • Featured plugins: App Store Featured New Desktop plug into the app store - my - Settings - Message Reminder - Featured widget can choose to close.
  • Optimization: Application Detail Enlarge the image mode to an infinite loop.
  • Repair: No Free Flow Update remind problems.

Mobile butler

  • FIX: After you set the limit to enter the power saving mode large font table, missed calls, unread messages, the time display incomplete notification bar.


  • Optimization: Allows input in full-screen landscape view.
  • FIX: switch to the English keyboard, quick click letter keys, the keyboard stuck.



What about camera? My meizu makes grate photos in day light or in very dark environment . In room with artificial light, or medium light, I have to focus on some black or dark object to get decent photo exposure. Is like it is not using flash at full capacity. So my problem is that in low light I can not use flash because pictures are darken then with no flash. Am I the only one with this problem?

And phone is restarting, a lot. ROM seems very unstable.

I’ve been using this ROM since it was released. I haven’t got any reboot.

Surprisingly enough, the weird battery guzzling by meizu system service is gone. Nor I get reboots.

Please review about the battery life. Does it drain like the lastest stable firmware?

camera flash not active. sometimes it freezes again resets itself.

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@kucarrot Battery holds really well: screen on about 20%/hour, standby 20%/day.

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