Flyme OS test firmware (Pro 5)


  • Optimization: Adjustment T9 dialing logic details.
  • Optimization: Optimization card SMS recognition result.
  • Optimization: dialpad support Talkback.
  • Optimization: Pinyin state, support the search box on the input screen instantly associate.
  • FIX: Setting DND white list, add a speed dial contact interface, do not show starred contacts.

App Store

  • Featured plugins: App Store Featured New Desktop plug into the app store - my - Settings - Message Reminder - Featured widget can choose to close.
  • Optimization: Application Detail Enlarge the image mode to an infinite loop.
  • Repair: No Free Flow Update remind problems.

Mobile butler

  • FIX: After you set the limit to enter the power saving mode large font table, missed calls, unread messages, the time display incomplete notification bar.


  • Optimization: Allows input in full-screen landscape view.
  • FIX: switch to the English keyboard, quick click letter keys, the keyboard stuck.



when public beta will start i hear they say mid febuary? all people need test firmware not chinize only
and sms loop hole redirect fixed? (miss sms)

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