Meizu M1 Metal problems

Hello, bought meizu M1 metal from and now have problem with that phone. First are problem with google play store, when i trying to download something getting this message: with server error. And another thing about apps, downloaded faceebook, messanger and apps just open and after 1 sec closing. What’s the problem ?

I have the same problem, facebook, messanger and instagram dont work and notifications only appear when I turn on the phone.


Not sure if this helps, but Google Play services came preinstalled on my Meizu Metal from I was having the same issues so I had to do a manual uninstall and reinstall using the Google Installer from the App Centre.

As for the Facebook problem, head to (it’s a mirroring site for free to download apps that is owned and run by Android Police, so it’s safe) and download:

Facebook version make sure to download the ARM version

Messenger version

These are the latest versions I could find that run correctly on the Meizu Metal. Once you’ve got them installed just make sure not to update them through Google Play (also, disable auto updates in App Center)

Good luck

@mixaz said:


I have exactly the same problem…
Google play store look to be installed correctly, but basycally i can not download any app… ( for example facebook, google translator…)

Uninstall apps related to Google Play Store
Download and install “Google Installer version 1.4.4” from App Store
(Scroll down page to see “ View History”)
Run the Installation…
Update Google Play services

@Efren I will Try next saturday. Thanks

Hello i have a problem with meizu software

If i have location enabled, it turns on itself wifi search always available

It didn’t happen with older versions, any idea?

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