Meizu mx3 doesn't work

Hello people, my phone suddenly while it was turned on the homescreen apps disappeared so i pressed the Turn on/off buton to restart it. I pressed restart but it only shutted down without turning on. And now it doesn’t turn on. I tried the combinations with Volume up/down buttons and power button but it does nothing. I also connected that to my laptop and there is no connection. nothing. Any idea?

It sounds to me that your MX3 just had a flat battery.
Have you connected it to the AC adapter ?

Hello friend. If by AC adapter you mean i have tried to charge it, the answer is yes. i also let it charge for hours and still doesn’t work :/

What can i do? :/

@avadon Hi,
Connecting MX3 to an AC adapter, it usually shows the battery icon and amount of charge on the display for a while. Do you mean that it never appears ?
If this is the fact, I am afraid that your MX3 is beyond the state a user can do.
I recommend you to consult the dealer where you can contact for a repair.

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