New lockscreen warning

Since the last update i get this screen if i cover the top of the phone


it’s abit annoying. anyone know why it’s there?

That’s weird. I’ve never seen it before. I will ask someone from Meizu soon for explanation.


Wow, never seen an error message like this, I guess it’s new to Flyme? Which firmware version are you running?

What I assume the error message is related to is the proximity/distance sensor on the top front bezel of the screen, which you can see just on the right side of the speakerphone under bright light. If the top part (the red part in your screenshot) gets covered, it’ll translate to the phone as if you had your phone put on your ear or inside your pocket - but I still can’t find a reason why wouldn’t the phone be able to unlock in such situations.

Your sensor might have some dust on top of it (try cleaning!) or a screen protector might be blocking it if you have one applied. Of course the sensor part itself could be damaged inside your phone - because of direct sunlight (?) or a physical hit/damage - but I think that is very unlikely to happen. It can be a software bug as well, so maybe try reflashing your firmware (maybe with clear data too?) if you can’t find any other way to fix it. And the last thing of course is sending the phone to Hong Kong for Meizu if it’s something you can not live with, unless you have no warranty.

only started coming up when i upgraded to 3.7.5A yesterday. I have an MX2 cn. if i cover the top of the phone then press the power button to lock the screen, i get the warning when i try sliding the lockscreen up.

Miui has the same functionality to prevent accidentally unlock the screen in your pocket.
In miui you can disable this option

Well I saw the same message appearing yesterday, but I am already on 3.7.5 since wednesday. I tried to reproduce it this morning, but it only did appear once of the 35 times I tried it, so I do not exactly know what is triggering this action. It is the light sensor indeed, when you cover the area right side at the speaker at the top of your phone it will appear.

I like this option and are happy with it, because I experienced some unlocks when my phone was in my pocket and it always started to play music, was really annoying :cool:

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