A problem with your account flyme

I have Meizu Pro 5 (
I would like to make root and install the OS versions Flyme (
I can not create an account at flyme.cn
I’m trying with the help of Google Translate to understand these Chinese characters.
In the first field, enter the phone number, but when I write in the second field, a message appears with the number must be 11 digit. And I typed 11 digital. Or, better to stay with the older version ??

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Today I logged in to my account flyme but I do not know why I do not have root privileges.
I did not, and I do not have the option “Open system privileges”

You have to go to “Fingerprint and security”, onces there, scroll down and you will see “Root Permission”, tap and I’ll ask you for your password, introduce it and the phone will reboot.
I recommend you to install SuperSU 2.46 for manage all the root permissions

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