how to solve this very hard problem (hard for me)

I wanted to install flyme on my mx4 ubuntu touch edition, and i removed the recovery section and for some resion i didn’t want to continue for install flyme.
now when i want update or restor my phone to factory mode and every thing that need recovery mode -(recovery mode which is came up when you push volume up and power after restart and show a big logo of ubuntu)- i cant do anything because the phone restart and go to recovery mode but just a black screen is shown and nothing happend then phone reboot again and no update or no restor factory happend.
please help me.
by the way i removed my recovery mode by using fastboot.
i think it was this command (fastboot -w recovery)
now what i have to do?

it’s for making flyme but i want to re-flash ubuntu touch

Meizu MX4

You can find my tutorial for reflash ubuntu touch on your mx4 here:

this is which rom 684 is used?

Meizu MX4


Alex Tu = Developer of Ubuntu Touch for Meizu MX4

Folder of developing ( is the Ubuntu Touch rom flashable from SP Flash Tool of MX4)

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