Deleted the system app for phoning...

I deleted the system app for phoning by mistake, when my m2 was rooted. Does anybody know how to get this app for phoning from meizu back?


@diks I forgot the name of the app, but I can not call anybody anymore…

@diks or is there maybe another solution so I can call again?

This post is deleted!

@AndiRoid77 I am new to these things. Can you explain me step by step how to reflash the firmware? Thanks!

@diks I use Flyme version OS

@AndiRoid77 I have read the guide how to flash to an international version in F.A.Q. So I am going to try method 1. What I would like to know is, once I have rooted the phone, how to copy the correct chid. sh file to the root of my device?

@diks said:

@diks I use Flyme version OS

Can I start the conversion to I version with this version? How do I know I have the latest version? If it isn’t the latest version, how do I update? Thx!

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