How to fix app downloading interface signature error MX4Pro

Hello I just got new mx4pro and it is in on chinese version i want to add Google Services and synic my google account with my meizu… but when i try to download the google installer from APPCenter i get the “app downloading interface signature error” Can anyone please help me I cant download any apps from appcenter. Thank you

Meizu MX4 Pro

Guess you have got a “turbo - Pro”. You have one of the symptoms…
If so, google
"Huawey google installer"
and install the apk…

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@jrotaetxe What’s a turbo Pro? Sounds fantastic

Does changing the timezone to Hong Kong not resolve this issue?

Meizu MX4 Pro

Hi, Ultra…
A “Turbo-Pro” is a MX4-Pro of 16 GB boosted (illegally) to 32 GB.
This brings a universe of effects. IMEI beginning with 00, problems with the chinese store…
Your suggestion is also correct… If not a “Turbo-Pro”…


@jrotaetxe Thanks for the information.

I like that Turbo Pro, you picked a fitting name.

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