TWRP- for Meizu MX4

Hello world. Today i have holiday and built new TWRP- from source code for our device. maybe somebody needd and like it
You can download it here
alt text

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@emmaus aren’t you the one who uploads firmwares on a 3rd party… and sometimes one of those firmwares fully brick the device?

I am sure there was an issue like this.

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@Ultrametric i am one of developers of CM for MX4 and test it by myself. And one time we got big problem with custom Flyme firmware. One users flash it successfully but others got bricked phones. nobody know reason. And i publish my works on my ftp only, and i do not mirroring it

It’s for devices with unlocked bootloaders only

I flashed twrp-3.0.0-1_mx4_build13 on my MX4 international and working without any problems for now. Used for flashing latest Mokee 5.1.

Meizu MX4

Whats new in the release?

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