Phonebook issues

Hi everybody,

last month i have problems with phonebook - dialer and contacts.
When i want to view informations about last calls in dialer or open a contact, always when i tap on contact i must wait 10-15 sec to open informations about call…its very annoying when you need to call somewhere quickly and your phone lags…before /2-3months/ was everything ok.

Any suggestions ? or should i do restore ?

Meizu PRO 5, 64gb China version,

Try to update your Firmware

I’m having the same exact issue. Have you managed to solve the problem of the phone book? It’s frustrating that it’s so slow.

jabercu, just update your firmware to the latest version

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@Martin-Rolinec I have seen all kind of comments about the firmware and errors that people are finding in later versions. Are you sure that it would work in other versions? I wouldn’t like to install a beta to solve this only to find I have another kind of error somewhere else. Thank you

@jabercu install the latest stable not beta. You will avoid big bugs with a stable fw.

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